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Special Forces History

Recon Team Asp (CCN)

On September 9, 1970, at 0400, Recon Team Asp (CCN) with Garry Robb the 1-0 (One-Zero), Robert Ramsey the 1-1 (One-One) and two indigenous personnel leapt from the tailgate of a C-130 Blackbird to performed a static line insert into Laos. The team had become separated in the air and landed on a ridge line. Three of the members managed to locate each other using a homing beacon / transponder. At dawn, Recon Team Asp realized they had landed in a North Vietnamese Army Battalion size base camp area and engaged a enemy element. The team managed to break contact and raised Covey to declare a Prairie Fire situation. As RT Asp ran to a LZ (Landing Zone), they managed to locate the missing team member. At 1030, Recon Team Asp was extracted under enemy fire. 

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1970/09/09 Recon Team Asp#324

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