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MAC V SOG: Team History of a Clandestine Army, Vol. VIII

MAC V SOG: Team History of a Clandestine Army, Volume VIII. The limited addition, large format hard cover book has four hundred pages with approximately a thousand images of period photographs, letters, documents and artifacts. The publication documents the history of Recon Teams: Delaware (CCC), Hawaii (CCC) and Intruder (CCN).

The author has identified the following individuals as having served on the team during their tour of duty in Vietnam.

Recon Team Delaware

Linwood D. Martin, Terrell A. Dahling, Terry L. Hamric, Frank L. Richards, Gene H. Williams, James G. Marshall, Luther M. Dove Jr., Wilbert King, David L. Gilmer, James L. Young, Charles D. Bullard, Robert Garcia II, Joseph R. Fredrickson, William M. Hatchett, Walter R. Horion, Reinald L. Pope, Daniel P. Ster, James H. Jones, Gary A. Harned, Homer Hungerford, Llyod G. O?Daniel, Danny L. Krutina, John M. Yancey, Donald M. Ramsey, Corbin D. Stevens, Charles F. Broz, Wilford D. Descheeny, Jmaes R. Fry, Joseph B. Hill, Lamberto Guitron Jr., William G. Middelton and Louis A. Trujillo.

Recon Team Hawaii

Gerald J. Holland, Charlie A. Humble, David Fernea, Thomas O. Livingston Jr., Paul M. Douglas, Frederick A. Crane, Mel L. Trafford, Buddy R. Chambers, Walter W. Melton, Egan A. Demeseme Jr., Ethal W. Duffield Jr., William H. Hanson, William Delima, Lonnie S. Pulliam, Glenn M. Uemura, James L. Ripanti, Gregory G. Glashauser, Joe Morris, Dennis W. Bingham, Daniel P. Ster, Terrance J. Spoon, John A. Grant, Richard F. Hoffman, Larrt M. White, Michael R. Blackwell, Robert P. Mohs, Calvin M. Hoyt, John L. Plaster, Emmett L. Dover, John M. Justice, Regis O. Gmitter, David E. Sirois, Steven A. Troxell, Turner B. Turnbull, Roger E. Smith and George Flanagan.

Recon Team Intruder

Raymond R. Slade Glenn G. Jordan, Jon B. Woolery, James G. Forrester, Authur R. Simon, William R. Enney, Nathaniel Frost, Theodore G. Hornung, Jerry Jairrels, Carl F. Ferguson, Rocky A. Kamai, James W. Klewicki, Dwight E. Carnes, Ronald L. Watson, Allen R. Lloyd, Raymond L. Robinson, Michael V. Smith, John H. Waldridge, Lawrence M. Oxx Jr., Risto O. Onermaa, Humberto D. Fraire, Robert Cook and Ronald C. Davidson.

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MAC V SOG: Team History of a Clandestine Army, Vol. 8#369

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